What is Listing3D Exclusives?
Listing3D exclusives is our newest feature. This feature is designed as a thank you to the industry professionals that are using our technology. In addition to syndicating out to MLS every sales listing we scan will now live on our Listing3D exclusive network. Any agent with an account will be able to sort through the 3D Sales listings and send them out to their clients for review.
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Listing3D Sales Listings
New York, Boston, Miami
What to Expect
A Listing3D Exclusives are sales listings that have been scanned by members of our Listing3D community. This listing sheet will be exclusively in 3D and easily shareable with your clients
The platform is another way to feature your property to like minded professionals using 3D tours to present listings to their clients.
The flexible platform allows you to both share listings with clients or allow your listings to be shown to potential buyers.
Get additional exposure to every agent on the Listing 3D platform
User Friendly
The platform is easy to use for both you and your clients